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Another day is over, some coffee cups, some boring calls, some interesting miss calls, some official urgent but unimportant mail, some unofficial not urgent mails but very important , and few meetings. Now time to pack up and go home, it’s around 11:05, because of meeting got late and result of the meeting is when will be next meeting.

So finally around 11:10 PM I started from office, need to talk to Ankur, he is my roommate, about our flat, I found flat not that good and something wrong with it, so trying to make him convince that this flat is not good let’s move to some other flat.

It’s generally a 30 minutes ride from office to flat. So I started my bike, my mp3 player, and my ride with nothing in mind. I was just singing along with Neeraj Sridhar, I mean singer of “Tum Mile”…

“Tum mile to jaadu Cha gayaa, Tum Mile….” Ring, phone started ringing, I stop my bike, took it to sideway and removed my phone from pocket, oh it’s a message, and it’s from Vodafone. This people are crazy sending message at 11:25PM in night, didn’t read the message and kicked by bike, put it in first gear, than second, bike seems a bit heavy, for one second I thought someone seating on it, I turned back and laughed upon me. Seems like chain problem early morning I faced some problem with bike chain, making some noise during changing of gears, anyway riding begun again, after around five minutes, some kids shouted something, could not listen it properly but seems like they are saying something is coming in back wheel. Anyway I ignored them as lots of time I did same during my school times, it’s fun when people stop and see what’s wrong and then you make a lots of funny expression over his/her foolishness. But I don’t want to be fool today so I smiled at them and continued toward home.

So I reached home at around 11:55 PM, waiting for my security guard to open up the main gate, at the moment my attention drawn to light of my flat that suddenly streamed from window and went away, oh Ankur is here and going to sleep, lets catch him to discuss about flat and it’s problem. During this time watchmen opened the gate, and I went to basement for parking, bike seems light and running fine now.  So from parking I started toward my flat. First floor, second floor, b1, b2 and finally b4, oh god flat is already open, this guy is so useless even forgot to lock it, so I locked it and immediately got a call ring, its Ankur, why the hell this guy is calling from other room, anyway I picked up.

What happened? I asked angrily.

Hey I will come a little late from office, there is a meeting, and listen… hey hey, call u later meeting started and he cut the phone.

He is not in room than who opened up the door; I put my mobile on charge in balcony and moved inside, turned back toward switch board to switch on the lights, but light it already on. What’s going on in flat, some voice is coming from kitchen, so went toward it. Hell there is someone standing there in kitchen, doing something and not noticing me at all, I waited for a minute and with all my power and voice over my breathe I said, Hello. She turned back immediately with the scariest smile I have ever seen toward me, I lost breathing  for one second, she did not bother anything about me and moved out of kitchen without saying anything.

I followed her, with a wish to not do so, and asked again, hello who are you? And what are you doin…nn..nnn….. She came to me in a second and no smile just stared at me with a great anger, I could not say a single word, even could not make a voice with breathing, she went to balcony, I got a chance, so I run toward main door, hey but its locked, then I ran toward my room and locked myself without any waste of time I thought to call Ankur, Damn my mobile is outside in balcony only, and I can still feel her steps outside. i remembered all the gods names in a second even I am atheist. But today only some he can save me. Lots of questions in my mind, who is she, why did she smile, how the door get locked and most important who is she?

I just remembered my door was opened before me, light was on, and bike got really light at main gate, a Vodafone message at 11 something,  and that kids they were serious, there was something behind me on bike, I was carrying it, I was carrying her. Oh god.

I was seating Dead cold in the corner, my phone started ringing outside, my only hope Ankur might be calling, hope he had finished with meeting. I thought to go and pick up the phone but I can still see from downside door line that someone is standing there right in front of my door. She is waiting for me, is she? She went away and cut the phone twice, and again stood in front of door. I am sweating in the cold temperature, and shivering from fear, looking here and there, under bed, at the window, at the floor, everything is scaring me, everything.

I am just looking at my door, closing my eyes praying god, doing nothing not moving even a single part of my body, the only thing I was able to do is breathing with a lots of heavy effort. And then she knocked the door, hell I tried to go inside corner, tried to ask for help with full voice but my voice is not coming out, I am completely helpless, she knocked once again, every voice of knock reducing my wish to live. And then she went away from the door, but still I can’t go and try to run away as main door is locked.

After five minutes of dead silence, she knocked the door, I started crying without a word, tears and lots of tears and making sure I don’t make a voice. Then I realized it’s not my Door its main door someone knocking, its Ankur, I didn’t thought a bit and with a full effort, power and whatever u can imagine, I ran towards main door, opened it and hug Ankur like anything, he was shocked and deceived, and scared too.

Hey what happened?

I still could not say anything, I just pointed toward balcony, with a breaking voice and full effort I said, there is, there is someone…

He said where, in balcony? I didn’t answer, but he got a yes by my eyes.

He took me to balcony that girl is still there, and he said, oh she, she is Meghna, my friend, just came today from Mumbai for first time.

Hi Anuj, Meghna here, I was just kidding man, I saw you from balcony and know you from Ankurs album, thought to make a joke out of scenario as u have never seen me. Don’t mind it.

And your key is outside flat, you forgot it here, Ankur added.

I was still saying no words, I am still afraid. Just standing there and looking toward Meghana continuously.

What man? She was just kidding, it’s Ok now, be relaxed.

And then they both started talking each other. After sometime Ankur said,

What happened man? She was JUST KIDDING, say something..

I went to chair, collected my breaking voice and said, “Ankur I have seen her in flat before too”

Now they both are shocked….



  1. oh shit…that was scary. hope anuj was “just kidding” at the end 🙂

    • I was thinkin same too, but leave it to anuj only 🙂

  2. hey nice one…..

  3. 🙂

  4. good one! 🙂
    the suspense and scare u created was too good..

  5. familiar story 🙂 🙂

  6. nice story 🙂

  7. Nice Story… proceeds in a bounded manner…able to maintain suspense… but somehow it gives a feel in the middle part that the girl which is in the flat really exists. But overall a good story to read. interesting. Good Job Buddy!!!!!

  8. good one dost

  9. its too good yaar…you really made a good suspense!!

  10. Really good….
    keep it up dude

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