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Early morning, there weren’t many people in the gloomy little mobile store. There were two shop assistants, who stood still, there were also three other people in the store, apart from the shop owner who was busy in call with one of the customer, might be some complain as he was repeating sorry and sorry again. And the other people start going out of the shop, surely not the good day for Amrit, shop owner.

He put down the call and starts doing something to erase the memory of call just finished, his son seating next to him is changing ringtones a lot, and this was irritating Amrit, more, more and more, with each and every ringtone.

Amrit asked will u stop this [more like an order, not a question or long way far from request.] and his son Atul knows that he is not going to ask this again. He is a kid and instead of any stupid move, he stopped it. Not a good starting of the day for a shopkeeper but it’s going to worse for him.

Who is running this shop? One girl entered with a high chiding, the woman looked horrified, rooted eyes, anger as well as marks of tears or lot of tears in eyes.  Amrit replied in anger, what happened who are you? He is already frustrated after the morning call now what is this he just thought.

Who are you? He asked again girl, she replied some idiot sent me a message from your shop; the number is associated with your shop address. Who is he, where is he, without asking anything Amrit replied harshly who the hell are you and who said u someone sent you a message from my shop.

Girl gave him a really horror look, and bawled out, it`s Priya, and some idiot from your address this shop address which is registered with mobile company.

It’s not as easy as he was thinking, and he has to verify what she is saying, “I am really sorry I had a real bad starting of day and just replied you in hurry, what number and message it is?” Girl started crying “this message says I will die after reading it, sent by number 9886812111”.

“This is not my number” Amrit replied, “and don’t cry it’s just a message not going to harm you”. Priya still crying, a bit more loudly, at bit high pitch “this number is registered with your shop only”.  She somehow managed to speak out it. “What name it is registered with?”, “Atul”.

Atul was still there, listening it all and trying to hide somewhere, without a second wasted he spoken out, “I am really sorry, I did it mistakenly was sending it to Pritam and by mistake sent it to you also. I am really sorry.” And he started crying too. Pritam is elder brother of Atul.

Atul crying, girl is crying and Amrit is really out of his mind now, he slapped Atul very hard “Idiot how can you send anyone message like this, and how do you have her number?”, “I am really sorry Priya.” He just thought that slapping Atul will give bit relief to Priya, but Priya started crying more louder, and this time she just run away, Amrit followed her but she got disappeared in lots of crowd outside on main road.

He returned back “Atul, you are a real disappointment. How did you have her number in your mobile” Atul felt this word, and continue crying but with lower voice he replied “She was Pritam’s girlfriend before he left India, he dumped her.”

“What?” Amrit replied decisively, “Oh god what all are you guys are doing? You should have inform me this, I will talk to Pritam about it”

“Hi Amrit”, someone interrupted, “Hi Sidharth” Amrit replied, Siddhartha is owner of next shop. “You heard about accident happened last night” Sidharth asked, “No I did not, I closed shop a bit early yesterday. Was it big one?” Amrit asked. Yap a girl died in front of your shop, I thought u must have noticed, she stays in your colony only, crossing the road and suddenly a car dashed her.” “My place! What was her name?” “I heard its Priya; she is from the same college Pritam did graduation from”

Amrit suddenly stopped speaking and clutched Siddhartha’s arm, saying, hardly above his breath “Priya, did you say Priya?”

“Yes Amrit, Priya, why what happened”, Amrit can’t speak anything completely deceived, appalled, and so shocked that he fall on floor.

Atul seating next to him is really horrified, and so Amrit is, he stood up, turned toward Atul and asks immediately, “Did you send this message to anyone else?”

“I sent it to Pritam too”, he could just manage few words, and gave a zero expression, he is completely shocked, not moving a beat, just shivering at his place, and looking at Amrit.

Amrit without saying anything rushed toward phone and dialed Pritam’s number…

“The number you have dialed is currently switched off, please try……”

–Manish Kumar Chopra



  1. Some OK OK types…
    Too many characters Jumps in the story ….making it bit confusing …
    Otherwise Nice Work…..
    keep it up dude

  2. Good work….Suspenseful ending will help u write switch off 2…hehehe

  3. Good story, holds intrest.. but still i am concerned about suspense part… like atul told priya. about that he wants to send this message to pritam and by mistake he sent to her.. it was clear from that point that he has sent message to pritam as well, the relationship part of priya and pritam should reveale with some more exitment/curiosity..

    Now about language and story telling.. it is really cool and refects The MKC style.. your hold of language is getting more and more stronger.. choice of word are too good.. simple and effective with proper timing…

    In all a good story to read.. i really enjoyed reading.. and offcourse egarly waiting for your next piece of art….

    All the best… You Rock!!!!

  4. thanks dude

  5. …..

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