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Early morning, there weren’t many people in the gloomy little mobile store. There were two shop assistants, who stood still, there were also three other people in the store, apart from the shop owner who was busy in call with one of the customer, might be some complain as he was repeating sorry and sorry again. And the other people start going out of the shop, surely not the good day for Amrit, shop owner.

He put down the call and starts doing something to erase the memory of call just finished, his son seating next to him is changing ringtones a lot, and this was irritating Amrit, more, more and more, with each and every ringtone.

Amrit asked will u stop this [more like an order, not a question or long way far from request.] and his son Atul knows that he is not going to ask this again. He is a kid and instead of any stupid move, he stopped it. Not a good starting of the day for a shopkeeper but it’s going to worse for him. Read More »


Another day is over, some coffee cups, some boring calls, some interesting miss calls, some official urgent but unimportant mail, some unofficial not urgent mails but very important , and few meetings. Now time to pack up and go home, it’s around 11:05, because of meeting got late and result of the meeting is when will be next meeting.

So finally around 11:10 PM I started from office, need to talk to Ankur, he is my roommate, about our flat, I found flat not that good and something wrong with it, so trying to make him convince that this flat is not good let’s move to some other flat.

It’s generally a 30 minutes ride from office to flat. Read More »


[Ram and Raawan are fighting with each other from the time word fight has been invented and might be before that, every fight between Ram and Rawanaa is actually between truth and lie, honesty and dishonesty, or honesty and Indian politics… etc….]

[Here are two engineers, one of them has hacked others website and try to using this. Just imagine if these two engineers named accordingly their nature and other characters also in same manner. Like good man is Ram, Bad man is Rawan, Website is and other characters are also names from Ramayana, this is pure imagination so don’t take it seriously and enjoy imagination]

Ram: Someone has hacked my website; I am not sure who is he but I am unable to access it. I must know who has done that, Laxman, Laxman [loudly]. Read More »

This story is dedicated to all guys who uses their company transport,

You may face this kind of horror situation….. Manish Kumar Chopra

To read full story…

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Its a short story….. Enjoy